DIY Coach

Teton Craftsman appreciates that some homeowners want to play an active role in their home improvements.

For some, this is a function of having more energy and time than funds for their home improvement dreams. For others, the design and artistic side of the project is what captivates them and commits their involvement.

Either way, Teton Craftsman offers homeowners who would like to be involved in a more hands-on capacity with options to succeed. This may mean you want to provide all demolition services for your project (very therapeutic) or perhaps you want to do the painting, etc. Others realize that they may be capable of additional work and satisfaction by completing framing, drywall, painting, tile, or even woodwork. However, it’s a little bit of instruction, coaching, and tool rentals that they need to get started.  Might this be you?

The great news is, Teton Craftsman is happy to tailor your project to your desired level of involvement. We can provide the coaching, resources, and guidance that fills the gaps hampering the feasibility of your plans. Hiring Teton Craftsman as your DIY Coach can save you money, and imprint your signature on the final product.

Additional Considerations:
Using a coaching concept on your project can significantly increase the time frame of your project. Take serious stock of your time frame, and personal energy level as it is called upon to complete your portion of work.

Tool rentals are provided by local rental outfits, with small discounts sometimes available through Teton Craftsman to the homeowner. Keep in
mind that your personal motivation level can have a significant effect on the cost of rentals of such crucial tools as mitre saws and tile wet saws. Teton Craftsman will of course advise you in how to minimize your required rental time period, but the final cost is dependent on the homeowner.